Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Studying for a Final

It is that time of the school year...semester finals.  These are a very important part of the educational experience.  Final exams give students a chance to show what they have retained over the course of the semester.  For seniors, final exams give students a bit of a taste for what a regular college test may look and feel like.  There are specific ways students can study for a final exam.  The key is to be sure to study.  Other tips include:
  • Start studying early; about now for a final at the end of this month.  Gather materials you believe will support you in studying:  handouts, old tests, notes, power point presentations, and such. 
  • Try studying with a partner or small group.  This is productive in terms of utilizing information sources.  Others can fill in the gaps you may have in your understanding of something. It is also a great way to make studying seem less tedious.
  • Use your textbook.  You don't have to re-read everything, but it will help to peruse the material again; it may jar your memory to read the chapter questions or the subheadings within the chapter.
  • Test yourself.  Create your own test questions on the material.  Have someone quiz you on the questions you created.
  • Study a little bit each time you review the material.  Allow yourself 20-25 minutes at each interval.  You will be surprised at what you remember and how much you have learned.
Good luck!

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