Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Writing the College Scholarship Essay Part 1

During the college scholarship search process, it becomes evident early on that most scholarships require a written essay or personal statement. as a part of the application process.  This part of the application process often causes applicants the most stress, and it is because of this requirement applicants may eliminate a scholarship from a list of possibilities.  Because of the complexities of the writing process, many people struggle with writing an essay. However, the anxiety experienced which comes from this requirement can be minimized with a few tips.

STARTING  an essay is the most difficult part of the process. This challenge presents itself for even the most experienced writers.   Before any writing is begun, the following should be done:
     1.  Analyze and break the question down into manageable pieces
Describe a situation in your life that presented you with a challenge you were uncertain if you could handle. In what ways did this situation challenge you, and what did you learn about yourself during this process?
This particular question consists of three parts (highlighted with separate colors). By identifying the subquestions,  you now have your sequence in which you should begin answering the question in your essay. Make sure you address each part.
     2.  Analyze the Organization – Find out about the organization sponsoring the scholarship.What is the mission of the organization and whom do they wish to help with these awards?  Information such as this helps the writer personalize the essay and speak directly to the sponsors.
     3.  Develop a Set of Goals-  The essay should include some goals that the writer can weave together to develop a theme.  With the above example, the theme could be classified as a "challenge of personal growth" and could easily blend the goals below into a very workable essay.
 Example (referring to the one above):
(a) I have a blind sister.
(b) I was faced with learning different communication methods.
(c) I was confused about my role in helping with my sibling.
(d) I learned I have a deeper level of compassion and commitment.
(e) I learned that I cannot change some things.
     4.  Create an Outline – An outline helps keep the writer focused and organized.  It helps the writer remember what points need to be made, and it provides a skeleton of the essay.  This skeleton helps the writer see  the overall vision of the essay as it comes together.
I. Introduction 
(a) Introduce theme.
(b) Lead the reader into first body paragraph.
II. Body Paragraph 1
(a) Discuss first point, or answer first part of question.
III. Body Paragraph 2
(a) Discuss second point, or answer second part of question.
IV. Body Paragraph 3
(a) Discuss third point, or answer third part of question.
V. Conclusion
(a) Re-emphasize theme, or tie any lose ends left from intro.

All quality essays have an organizational component.  Once this is complete, the actual writing usually offers no great challenges.  The writing component will be the focus of our next article.

Source:  www.scholarshiphelp.org

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