Thursday, December 8, 2011

Senior Year Calendar...2nd Semester

There is much to do in one's senior year of high school.  Transition to college can be challenging so the better organized one is in the senior year, the less stressful preparing for the transition to college will be.  Heed to the following as a guide for activities by the month.  Planning ahead is the key.

December:  Apply to selected colleges (usually 3 to 5).  Keep copies of all applications and other paperwork in a file folder. Check out the scholarship, available December 1, from US Bank at  Also, register for a last chance to take the ACT/SAT.

January:  Visit for information/application materials for Federal Student Aid.  Submit any forms to any college of serious interest.  Attend any financial aid night one's local high school usually holds at this time of the year.

February:  Complete and submit FAFSA forms (after one's parents have done taxes).  Continue searching for financial assistance, especially from local scholarships.

March:  Continue to search for scholarships/financial assistance.  Also keep on top of any forms that may come from college of interest.  keep copies of all forms.

April:  Make a final college decision if still needed.  Be sure any deposit is sent in to secure housing or tuition.  Complete any student loan information.

May:  Send thank you notes to teachers, counselors, ministers, coaches, and such who helped throughout the school year with college preparation (letters of reference, application materials and so forth).

June:  Secure a final transcript from the high school guidance office for yourself and have one sent to the college of choice.  This final transcript must be certified and sent from the school.  Enjoy the summer.  Work and play.  Save money for college materials needed to begin school.  Pay any final bills and/or fees to the college.

July:  Finalize any payments on outstanding college costs.

Source: Calendar for the College Bound Student.  US Bank, 2011.

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