Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Search Continues...

Scholarships are gifts of money often awarded on merit:  academic achievement, artistic talent, athletic ability, or intended career field.  As a senior you, if you are intending on continuing your education, the search should have begun already.  It is not too late, though, to begin now.  Sites that are viable for college scholarship searches include the following:

Google searches may be productive as well, however, be specific regarding the type of scholarship ("music scholarship").  Other possible scholarships may come from local organizations, such as Lion's, Rotary, Chamber, local religious groups, and volunteer or service groups (4H for example).  Also, don't forget to ask your parent if his or her employer sponsors any scholarships.

Be sure to protect yourself from scams.  This cannot be emphasized enough as there are many scams to which a person could fall prey.  Don't ever pay for scholarship information.  Any legitimate scholarship will have clear contact information.  Be sure to review any website, however.  Be wary of any scholarship offer that uses a PO Box, does not include a phone number or contact information, lacks professionalism (maybe has errors in spelling or grammar on their materials), or asks for your bank account information, credit card number, or copies of any tax returns.  Be cautious about giving out a social security number.  If it is a legitimate organization it will allow you to apply  without the SSN.  Thoroughly investigate a scholarship even if it claims to be associated with a governmental or official organization. 

There are scholarships available for nearly anyone who wishes to go through the process of locating one.  College is expensive.  The more you search, the more you may find, the less you may have to pay for college, and the happier you (and your parents) will be.

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