Friday, December 3, 2010

Special Education Support

As a parent of a child with an IEP (individual education plan) I know, first hand, how important it is to be informed about how your child's school district (working through the teachers) will serve your child's individual needs.  As I have participated in special education meetings and worn the hat of the major players (parent, teacher, and administrator) I have seen, first hand, how important a level of trust is between the parent and the school in serving the child with special needs. It is my passion to help educate parents about their rights and how to work with the school district in serving their child.  I have found that most teachers are not purposeful when they fall short of meeting the needs of the child.  What I have experienced is an inability to consider serving a child in a manner that is a bit "outside the box."  What I have experienced is a "us verses them" atmosphere.  Parents are often made to feel they are being "told" how the school can serve their child rather than being seen as an equal member of the IEP team.  The bottom line is that parents know their children better than anyone in the school; therefore, parents should be considered a highly educated resource.  What parents may lack in legal jargon, they more than make up on personal experiences and insights. 
As a parent advocate, I am available to help you as you advocate for your child with special needs.  I am available to assist in any capacity in which you want or need me involved:
* attending IEP meetings
* helping you draft measurable goals that are appropriate and challenging for your child
*drafting appropriate accommodations, helping you understand assessment of goals
*supporting the school in meeting the needs of your child
* looking at the ways to help improve communication between you and your child's teachers
*helping you understand the IEP process and what your rights are as a parent

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